Ways to Love a Child



Give your presence more than your presents.

Laugh, dance and sing together.

Listen from a heart-space.



Allow them to love themselves.

Say yes as often as possible. Say no when necessary.


Build lots of blanket forts.

Open up.

Fly kites together.

Lighten up.

Believe in possibilities.

Read books out loud.

Create a circle of quiet.

Teach respect for the feelings of others.

Share your dreams.

Walk in the rain.

Forgive mistakes. Admit yours.

Frame their artwork.

Stay up late together.

Eliminate comparison.

Take time to delight in silliness.

Handle with care.

Protect them.

Cherish their innocence.


Speak kindly.

Go swimming.


Let them help.

Let them cry. Don’t hide your own tears.

Brag about them.

Answer their questions.

Let them go when it’s time.

Let them come back.

Show compassion.

Bend down to talk to children.

Smile even when you’re tired.

Surprise them with a special lunch.

Give them enough room to make decisions.

Praise their character and their efforts.

Honor their differences.

Respect them.

Give them consistent boundaries and your example of doing what is right.

Pray for them and teach them to love and honor God 

Remember they have not been on earth very long.


This post was found in the Family and Parentng section at


and edited by C. Boyd


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